Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd International Conference Asia-Europe Physics Summit

Oct 24, 2011 - Oct 26, 2011 | Wroclaw, Poland

European Physical Society, in cooperation with three physical societies from Poland, Germany and France is organising "Asia-Europe Physics Summit". 

ASEPS is a platform to forge Asia-Europe physics programme strategies by discussing the scientific priorities and possible shared contributions to large scale infrastructures or networks in an Asia-Europe cooperation framework. ASEPS promotes synergies between different fields of physics and between physics and other research fields: biology and health, environment, energy; it also favours the involvement of developing countries in research so as to bridge the knowledge/digital gap.

ASEPS contributes to development of bi-regional cooperation projects thanks to initiating joint labs, workshop centers and schools for education and training. Our forum aims at improving communication with the society, in particular between scientists, decision makers and industry representatives.

The ASEPS 2011 motto is "Physics for sustainable development", whereas the goal is to show a scientific potential in the field of widely understood physics in Europe and Asia from the point of view of synergy search and building common science & technology and educational enterprises. Representatives of leading science centres, key research infrastructures in Asia and Europe (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures - ESFRI), global industrial partners, non-governmental organisations and authorities responsible for science and innovation development are invited to participate in this intercontinental event.

To ensure a wide participation of Asia countries representation, the organisers plan to co-finance the participation of representatives of less developed Asian countries.

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