Saturday, July 23, 2011

Electromagnetic & Light Scattering XIII

Sep 26, 2011 - Sep 30, 2011 | Taormina, Italy

Electromagnetic and Light Scattering crosses the boundaries of many science and engineering disciplines. It is central to both fundamental and applied research in astrophysics, atmospheric physics, geophysics, material science, nano-optics, biology, and medicine.

The ELS XIII meeting will focus on theoretical, computational, and experimental advances in electromagnetic and light scattering by particles with arbitrary sizes, shapes, and optical properties. Contributions will cover a broad range of topics from classic subject areas such as interstellar dust, atmospheric aerosols, remote sensing observations, particle detection and characterization, to more recent research fields such as optical trapping and nano-optics.

The ELS conference series has had a triple start in Amsterdam (1995), Bremen (1996), and Helsinki (1997). It has continued in New York (1998), Vigo (1999), Halifax (2000), Gainesville (2002), Bremen (2003), Salobreña (2005), St. Petersburg (2006), Bodrum (2007), Hatfield (2008), and Helsinki (2010).

ELS XIII will be held in Taormina (Italy), a “patch of paradise” as described by J.W Goethe in his “Italian Journey”. Taormina is one of the world top touristic destinations, where visitors can experience a perfect combination of old times charming atmosphere, preservation of history and culture, and an elegant and lively way of life to be enjoyed in relaxing walks through the old town.

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