Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nano Cleaning: Perfect for Inside and Outside the Home

nano cleaning
Nano cleaning is all about minimising the need to clean all kinds of objects, and making cleaning much easier when it is necessary. The main tools of nano cleaning are smart coatings, which have been developed through nano sciences - the study of particles so tiny they are measured in billionths of a metre. These coatings are very thin films that bond with a wide range of surfaces to form a barrier that repels dirt, liquids and bacteria.
Where can nano cleaning be used inside and outside the home? Almost everywhere! Here are a few examples:
Kitchens. Anywhere that food is stored or prepared must not only look clean but must also be kept as free as possible from disease-causing bacteria. Kitchen counters, cupboards, floors, splashbacks and appliances can all be protected with a smart coating so smooth that bacteria cannot colonise on it. The coating is odourless and completely non-toxic, and allows most spills and splashes - even grease - to be easily wiped away with nothing more than a damp cloth or mop.
Bathrooms. Smart coatings are invisible and can be applied to all types of natural and man-made materials without altering their appearance. In the bathroom they can be used on ceramic and stone tiles, glass shower screens, mirrors, plastics, woodwork and chrome. Bacteria and fungal spores that normally thrive in warm, humid conditions can't cling to smart coatings, so there's no need to use powerful chemicals to combat them.
Bedrooms. Smart coatings are hypoallergenic and dust, pollen and other allergens can be lifted from them with a damp cloth, which is good news for anyone who has asthma or other allergies.
Living rooms. Textiles such as carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture are more resistant to dirt and stains when protected by a smart coating. This means they have to be deep cleaned less often which keeps them looking like new for longer. Smart coatings also protect surfaces from accidental scratches, which makes them a good choice for polished wood.
Conservatories. Cleaning all the glass in a conservatory is a difficult task that nano cleaning makes a lot easier. Applying a smart coating to the outside prevents dirt sticking to the glass so it will simply wash off in the rain. The insides of windows treated in the same way only need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep them clean and sparkling.
Gardens. Garden furniture, children's play equipment, even garden statues can be cleaned quickly and easily using a combination of smart coatings and plain, cold water.
Garages. Nano cleaning methods keep cars, motorbikes and bicycles looking their best, and protected from corrosion and scratches, without frequent washing, waxing and polishing routines.
Nano cleaning saves time, energy and money. It's also kind to the environment. That's why professional green cleaning companies are recommending it to all their customers.

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