Saturday, July 23, 2011

Second Annual International Conference on IN VIVO QUANTUM BIOLOGY and WELL-BEING

Apr 20, 2012 - Apr 22, 2012 | PHILADELPHIA, United States of America (USA)

If you attended the FIRST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on IN VIVO QUANTUM BIOLOGY and WELL-BEING in Philadelphia from January 5, 2011 - January 9, 2011 then you know it was extremely successful - not to mention productive, lots of fun, networking, forming new friendships, renewing old ones, sampling philly cheese-steaks, visiting the constitution hall and so on, overall very enjoyable.

Participants and delegates were immersed in experiential sessions in Quantum Phenomena, SCQD, Resonant Electron Tunneling, Quantum Entanglement, Lasing Endocrines, A tour of Biology, A tour of Quantum Mechanics, and Magnetic Resonance Stimulation.
At the Conference, there were numerous opportunities to review and re-connect. The hands on sessions were particularly popular!

Quantum Mechanics came into being nearly a century ago. It transformed Physics. Chemistry embraced QM, and it too was transformed. Electrical Engineering embraced QM, and that too was transformed. Although there have been remarkable progress in Biology, at an experiential level we seem hesitant to embrace the notion that we too are quantum mechanical. For instance, it is alright for the electron to be "over there" where we can poke it, and do experiments on, and so on. But we consider ourselves to be Newtonian, not Quantum Mechanical. So we've pushed, poked and cajoled the electrons for over a century, but we find ourselves unable to surrender to the ubiquitous electron that actually dances us into existence! Perhaps not really that shocking when we consider our own equipment we carry around (our sensory system) is seemingly Newtonian. In this Conference we take up the inquiry that the sensory system is, in fact, quantum mechanical! Can this knowledge be used to naturally enhance our well-being? Indeed, could mathematical physics be adapted to expand our functional optimization and well-being? Would that be more appropriate than chemical intervention with drugs or surgery that leaves notorious side effects -- especially those situations that do not call for severe intervention? 

Are you working in this field? Would you like to be a speaker at this Conference? We have not yet finalized the program contents. We are accepting proposals from principal researchers. Please submit yours before it is too late. Contact information is in our website.

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